Prices & products

I price on quality and do so confident that I can provide you with crisp, sharp, natural portraits, like those you will have seen in my portfolio. Prices online for photographic services vary widely – and do not always correlate with quality. I do not seek to undercut or rip you off, I simply charge what I believe to be good value for the service and final product that I will provide, of which you can see some examples, below.

“Sam has an easy charm and a genuine warmth that makes him great with kids. He took the time to connect with our daughter so that she was comfortable and relaxed, and able to be herself. Maya’s sweet but impish personality shines through in his portraits and we get compliments constantly on the prints displayed in our home. Sam has done portraits of her as a baby and as a toddler, and we will definitely come back to him as she grows older – and will cherish these photos forever.”
(Chitra and Isaac, Cambridge parents)

Pre-shoot meeting

I suggest that we meet prior to our shoot for 30-60 minutes in order to discuss what you would most like to see resulting from our time together. This way we can familiarise ourselves with one another and further increase the likelihood of a lovely, natural set of photos. This can either be a separately arranged meeting or take place on the shoot date, as you wish: FREE

One-hour shoot

A one hour photo shoot at your preferred location: £75
Minimum spend on products: £75

Two-hour shoot

A two hour photo shoot at your preferred location: £125
Minimum spend on products: £125

Photographer’s note: just as film photographers would spend their time in a darkroom with red lights, photographic paper and trays of chemicals after a photo shoot, I must dedicate time and expertise to post-processing my ‘raw’ files after our time together and this is factored into the above prices. It can take up to four hours to process images from a one-hour shoot in Lightroom, and up to a day to produce a batch of photos from a two-hour shoot. High quality photography requires time and conscientiousness.

Events / other photography

If you would like a photographer for an event, perhaps a christening, an engagement party, an evening function, a wedding, or just about anything else, do consider me. As you will have seen from my portfolio, I have to-date turned my skills to a variety of commissions. Please contact me with any questions and to ask for a quote.


Unframed prints

Unframed prints in either a matte/lustre or gloss finish printed by professional printers on high quality photographic paper.

  • 6 x 4″ prints (each): £7.50
  • 12 x 8″ prints (each): £15
  • 18 x 12″ prints (each): £25

As modern DSLR cameras capture pictures at a 3:2 ratio, this is how I often tend to compose my photographs when looking through the viewfinder. By no means, however, does this preclude post-capture cropping and printing in different sizes (e.g. 7 x 5″, 10 x 8″, etc). I will of course be happy to talk about providing you with prints in different sizes to those set out above.

Framed prints

(See indicative examples at the top of this page.) By default, I provide framed prints in classic, black wood frames with white mounts. If you would prefer a different option, we can talk about your specific requirements before or after our shoot. Please note that choosing a different mount/frame option may result in a different price, too.

  • 6 x 4″ triptych, mounted and framed: £75
  • Framed 12 x 8″ prints (each): £100
  • Framed 18 x 12″ prints (each): £125

Bespoke products

If you have ideas of your own about alternative products, I would be delighted to discuss these with you and provide a separate quote.

Electronic files

  • High resolution post-processed electronic files (each): £35
  • High resolution post-processed electronic files (all): negotiable